Dream Education Programme

Kia ora Whānau! Our Dream Education Programme supports your little tamariki as they grow and learn in their home and local community environments. It is based on the principle that playing and participating in real-life experiences will enhance independence, and nurture every tamariki's desire to explore and engage in meaningful relationships.

There is no cost to join the Dream Education Programme when you employ a Dream Nanny. This is included in the placement fee you pay when employing a permanent Dream Nanny.

As part of the Dream Education Programme your tamariki individual learning and development will be recognised and nurtured by both your Nanny and your Visiting Teacher. Together your Nanny and Visiting Teacher will encourage your child to learn through play to reach their full potential.

  • Your Dream Nanny will give you daily feedback by using our online educational tool and in your child’s daily diary ensuring constant peace of mind.
  • A qualified early childhood teacher will support your Nanny on a one to one basis, visiting your home and ensuring that your child’s individual development is paramount.
  • Access to 20 ECE, WINZ and Oscar subsidies.
  • Weekly opportunities to mix with other Nannies and children at the Dream playgroups, gym sessions and nature outings.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities provided to your Nanny to continue her career development.
  • Regular social events for your Nanny to meet with other local Nannies.
  • Support from a qualified Visiting Teacher.

The Dream Education programme is available to all Dream Families in Auckland with a permanent Nanny caring for any little ones under the age of five. If you already have a Nanny and wish to join the fun give us a call and we can look at options to sign your family and Nanny up.

Your home will need to meet a few ministry requirements too. These include providing a fully-fenced outdoor play area, having a first-aid kit available, securing all heavy furniture, and ensuring all chemicals and medicines are locked away.


Funded by the Ministry of Education, the programme weaves together the principles and strands of Te Whāriki to create a holistic, tamariki-centred local curriculum to suit your little ones. A monthly visit from one of our qualified and registered Visiting Teachers, and regular activities are just a couple of ways we make this happen.

The programme is designed to keep learning fun and can be adapted to your whānau’s needs as we believe your home and local community are an integral part of your little one’s development.

We use Educa - an online portfolio

Dream Education Programme whānau can keep track of their children’s learning via Educa, a secure app that can be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android device.

The app holds a portfolio of your tamariki’s monthly learning stories and in-depth reports that are shared by your Nanny and Visiting Teacher.

Everything that is added to Educa, including photos, videos and stories, can be downloaded and printed. You can choose to connect other whānau members to your Educa account too so that nobody misses out on important milestones reached, or the fun activities and learning opportunities your children experience!