Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we often receive from Families looking to employ a Nanny. If you would like to know more, please give our friendly consultants a call.

How long does it take to find a Nanny?

Finding a Nanny can take between two and six weeks depending on your requirements. Location, hours or working conditions. Our KiwiOz team will be able to advise you further with this.

How do you recruit your Nannies and Babysitters?

Nannies usually contact us because they have seen a position we have advertised that would be of interest, or because we were recommended to them. We meet all the candidates in person for an hour and run full background and reference checks. We require a minimum of two years experience and/or relevant qualification.

Why go through an agency?

Finding a Nanny on the internet can be tempting but it is time consuming and it can also be dangerous. Using KiwiOz Nannies means you benefit from the expertise of experienced recruiters, you get assistance with contracts and payroll, receive the monthly support from a qualified ECE teacher and get access to funded hours. More importantly, we handpick our Nannies to ensure lasting and happy placements are made for the Family and the Nanny.

What does it cost?

Permanent Nannies  $18 to $25+ per hour plus a one-off $595 incl. gst  Placement Fee (if you are on our Dream Education Programme) or 10% of nanny’s annual gross salary (minimum placement fee of $1495 incl. gst.)

Returning Customers receive a 10% discount on their Placement Fee.

Temporary Nannies $30+gst per hour plus a $30+gst Booking Fee.

Babysitters starts at $18 per hour plus a $30+gst Booking Fee.

What does the Permanent Nanny Placement Fee cover?

This Placement Fee includes advertising the role, pre-selecting a range of candidates (each of whom have been thoroughly background checked through our Placement Service), arranging interviews, writing up an employment agreement, organising forms for any relevant funding and subsidies, and checking up regularly with your Family. In the case that things don't work out between your Nanny and your Family, we also have a 90-day free replacement guarantee.

What happens if things don't work out with our Nanny?
If you and your Nanny both have a clear understanding of what the position entails and maintain good communication throughout the placement, problems are very rare. We will  carry out regular checks throughout the length of the placement to ensure you are satisfied. If, despite all of our efforts, you are not satisfied with your KiwiOz Nanny within the first three months of employment, you will be entitled to a free replacement (subject to Terms and Conditions).
How many profiles will you send us?

We will typically send four to five profiles of Nannies that have the relevant experience, skill set and attitude you are looking for. Pre-selecting candidates can be lengthy and, if you don't know the candidate, this can be difficult. This is why we will carry out the pre-selection on your behalf.

Thanks for your help last week with the temporary Nannies. Both were great.
I did appreciate the quick turnaround with quality temps.


J. Carlyon