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Job IDRegionSubRegionSuburbType of WorkRateJob Description
2156AucklandAuckland – CentralEllerslieAfter School Nanny (Fixed Term)$21Mon-Fri (25 Hours) Start date: 12 October Hours: 2.30pm to 7.30pm Children: 4 Boys (9, 8 and twins 6 years) Description: Fixed Term - 6 Months We have a lovely relaxed Family who are looking for some after school help for their boys. Pick up after school, drop off at any activities, help with homework. Meal prep is required and family get My Food Bag and you are more than welcome to have dinner with them before helping to get the boys ready for bed and finishing at 7.30pm. They would love the opportunity of date night on a Thursday so there is some extra babysitting opportunity. This role would suit someone who is at Uni looking for some extra work or someone who has their afternoons/evenings free until 7.30pm. Other: - Great role for Junior Nanny or someone with their afternoons free - Clean driver’s license - Working with a very inclusive family Job ID 2156 Read MoreApply Now
2154AucklandAuckland – EastMission BayPart Time Nanny$22-24Mon-Thu(22 Hours) Start date: 12 October Hours: Mon + Thu 12pm to 4pm Tue-Wed 9am to 4pm Children: 1 Children: (G 1 year) Description: This Family are looking for their first Nanny and they see this role as long term and therefore need someone reliable who is able to commit to this role to ensure their daughter forms a caring and loving relationship with the Nanny and allowing continuity of care. English does need to be your first language as Rose is starting to talk. Ideally you have at least 2 years’ experience and will be fully focused on ensuring their daughters happiness, wellbeing and development. As part of your role you would prepare their daughters meals, feeding, changing, ensure a good routine, age appropriate activities and a general tidy up of food prep and play areas. There may be some light laundry also required. Their daughter is very chatty. social and a very happy baby in a fantastic routine. She loves to be read to and especially likes outdoor play. At the moment she is into ball rolling activities and climbing. Mum is going back to work and will be working in a home office downstairs so this role is sole charge. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - 2 years + exp needed - Long term role - Clean driver’s license Job ID 2154 Read MoreApply Now
2152AucklandAuckland – CentralAvondalePart Time Nanny (3 month fixed term)$21.49Mon-Tue + Thu-Fri (20 hours) Start date: ASAP Hours: 10am-3pm Children: 2 Children: (Twin B+G 9 weeks) Description: Mum and Dad are looking for assistance with their ever changing twin B+G of 9 weeks. Help with feeding, settling, putting down and playing with the twins would be amazing. General chores: dishes, cleaning, cooking Job ID 2152 Read MoreApply Now
2147AucklandAuckland – WestMasseyPart Time Nanny$20-25Mon-Fri (20 hours) Start date: October Hours: 9am-1pm Children: 1 Child: (B20 months) Description: Mum is easing back into work dependent on the Covid levels and needs a Nanny to assist her for the days that she works from home and the days that she will eventually go back into the office. Position would be to make sure her little one is looked after, fed, kept safe and loved. General little boy tidy up only. He loves books, his tricycle, swimming and especially cars. Mum is looking for someone that can earn his trust and play play play. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - 2 years + exp needed Job ID 2147 Read MoreApply Now
2145AucklandAuckland – CentralRemueraFull Time Nanny (Live in or Live out)$22-24Mon-Fri (40 Hours) Start date: September Hours: 9am to 6pm Children: 2 Children: (B2, G 6 months) Description: Mum is currently on maternity leave but needs an extra pair of hands at home so this is a parent help role. It is likely to she will return to work in March 2021 at which time it will be sole charge position. There is the option for a live in or live out role for someone with 2 years plus experience. They are looking for someone who is reliable, proactive and is focused on caring for their two lovely children. There is some general household duties such as tidying up after the children and some meal prep and clearing away afterwards. Their son has lots of energy and loves to read and sing, play with his lego and loves the park next door and feeding the ducks. He can be a bit reserved when he first meets you but half an hour later he is your best friend. Their youngest daughter is 6 months old and is in a great routine and a very happy baby. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - 2 years + exp needed - Live in Role - $270 board and lodging deduction Job ID 2143 Read MoreApply Now
2144AucklandAuckland – CentralAvondaleFull Time Nanny$30-32Mon-Fri (40 Hours) Start date: October Hours: 6.30/7.00am to 2.30/3pm Children: 1 Child: (B2) Description: This Family are looking for a special some to care for their 2 year old son who has a chromosome disorder and has a physical disability and is developmentally delayed. He has low muscle tone and is unable to sit unassisted so will require a Nanny who is comfortable sitting or lying on the floor for extended periods of the day. He is very social, happy and playful and loves music, stories and investigating toys and other fun objects. Due to his low muscle tone he is unable to eat unassisted and will require to be fed with a bottle 2-3 times during the day along with 2 spoon fed meals. His feeds can be time-consuming due to the time that he takes to eat. He still requires to be wrapped and rocked to sleep once per day at around 11am. Although he is almost 2 years old he essentially has the requirements of a 1 year old infant. No extra requirements around the household such as other household duties like cleaning and cooking (Other than spot cleaning of bottles and dishes/clothes used for care of Oscar. We would like the nanny's sole focus to be for Oscar. This would be a sole charge position The family are looking for someone who is caring, nurturing and proactive and has initiative and experience to ensure that their sons' needs are taken care of and he continues to be the happy and boy who loves the company of others. Other: - 5 Years plus experience - Clean Drivers licence and own car Job ID 2144 Read MoreApply Now
2143AucklandAuckland – WestNew LynnPart Time Nanny$21-24Tue-Thu (22.5 hours) Start date: End September Hours: 7:30am-3pm Children: 1 Child: (B1) Description: Mum needs some help transitioning B1 from a relatively shy young man, into getting to know the world that surrounds him. Little Mr has grown up in Covid times and therefore hasn't had much time to socialise, get out and about and get to know others. He is very comfortable in his surroundings with Mum, Dad and Granny. He enjoys books, music, fluffy toys and the mystery of the sounds that animals make. The role will be to concentrate on little Mr. No household duties required at this stage, as the main aim is to bond with him, keep him safe and comfortable. Mum works from home for now, however this can change in the future. Nanny must be happy to have Mum around to enable a smooth transition in the beginning. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - 2 years + exp needed Job ID 2143 Read MoreApply Now
2142AucklandAuckland – CentralEllersliePart Time Nanny$25Mon + Wed + Fri (24 Hours) Start date: September/October Hours: Mon 12pm to 6pm Wed + Fri 8am to 5pm Children: 2 Children: (Twin Girls aged 27 months) Description: This is a great part time role caring for gorgeous twin girls. The Family are looking for someone who is caring, reliable and proactive to look after the girls. They have lots of energy and like to read, do arts and crafts and especially love playing imaginative games together. They also like to get out and about outdoors to the park or going for a walk. In addition to caring for the girls you would also be required to do some light household duties, light laundry, tidying up after the girls and some meal prep. There is some flexibility in hours on the Monday if you wanted a few more or a few less, for the right candidate. The family will be moving from Ellerslie in the next few months to St Heliers. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Clean Drivers licence and own car - 5 Years plus experience Job ID 2142 Read MoreApply Now
2141AucklandAuckland – North ShoreAlbanyFull Time Nanny + Temporary Night Nanny $25-28Temporary Night Nanny ($25 p/h incl hol pay) Mon-Sun (84 hours) Start Date: Mid October (tbc) Hours: 7pm-7am Children: New born Daily Perm Role Mon-Sun (84 Hours) First 6-8 weeks 3 Days flexible thereafter (36 Hours) Hours: 7am-7pm Children: New born Description: This first time mum is due to have her baby in mid-October and due to circumstances will need to have a c-section so needs some help from a Night Nanny for the first 6-8 weeks and a permanent Nanny also for the first 6-8 weeks Monday to Sunday and thereafter 3 days (flexible) 7am to 7pm. Night Nanny Care of their new born overnight feeding, changing, resettling, sterilising bottles Day Nanny Feeding, changing, resettling, sterilising bottles, care of babies laundry, clothes etc, providing a safe nurturing environment and arranging stimulating age appropriate activities. Other: - Must have New born experience 5 years plus - Flexibility and reliability - Must be prepared to work long hours initially Job ID 2141 Read MoreApply Now
2140AucklandAuckland – WestBlockhouse BayPart Time Nanny$22-24Wed-Fri (10.5 Hours) Start date: 30 September Hours: 2.30pm to 6pm Children: 2 Children: (B6, G3) Description: This family require a Nanny to care for their children after kindy and school three days a week. Role includes care of the children, pick up from kindy and school and then after school actives on Wednesday and Thursday, karate and swiming. Their activities are close to home, only a 5 minute drive away. They would also like you to ensure a general tidiness and meal prep from the children. Both children have a great sense of humour, love arts and crafts but also love quiet time. They are looking for someone who is kind, caring and engaging as well as proactive. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Clean Drivers licence Job ID 2140 Read MoreApply Now
2138AucklandAuckland – CentralSandringhamPart Time Nanny$21-25Mon-Thu (28 hours) Start date: Feb 2021 Hours: Mon + Wed 2pm-6pm Tue + Thu 8am-6pm Children: 3 Children: (B3, B8, B11) Description: This busy active family are looking for an engaging, energetic Nanny to care for their three boys. The boys are very active and love sports and being outdoors. They live on quiet street with a great group of families and all the children play together in the afternoons! Their ideal Nanny is proactive, compassionate and caring balancing this with being firm only when needed to ensure chaos doesn't ensue. Their oldest boy loves one on one time with the Nanny almost like an older sister and is partial to the odd game of cards! Their middle son is very empathetic and lots of fun and their youngest loves to keep up with everyone so has lots of energy and is very loving. In addition to caring for the boys you will organise meals, do some light household duties ensuring that areas are tidy and light laundry. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Would consider a Junior Nanny - Clean Driver's License Job ID 2138 Read MoreApply Now
2131AucklandAuckland – SouthPakuranga HeightsPart Time Nanny $23-25Wed-Thurs (16 hours) Start date: 5 October - 18 December Hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Children: 2 Children: (Twin G's-2) Description: Mum and Dad are in New Zealand from Australia to work in the film industry until the end of the year. They are looking for a active, energetic nanny to have some fun with the girls, going on outings, exploring the area and finding new adventures. The twins are very social, curious and love reading. The family normally do 1 to 2 outings a day but they stick to a really strict routine for them so they still nap at home in the middle of the day. They eat lots of different foods, are very happy and love cuddles. Mum will be at home a lot of the time, so will be there if needed - but she would like a nanny who can take charge and be across all aspects of the twins day. If possible it would be good if they can also prepare some meals for the girls Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience Job ID 2131 Read MoreApply Now
2126AucklandAuckland – WestTe Atatu Part Time Nanny$21-24Fri (9.5 Hours) Start Date: October Hours: 8am to 5.30pm Children: 2 Children (B 16 Months and G 3 Years) Description: This is an ideal opportunity for someone looking at adding an extra day to their working week. The Family are looking for someone who is going to be interactive and focused on the children. You need to be proactive and have initiative to ensure the children are engaged. You would take them to playgroup on a Friday from 915am to 1215m and in addition would have meal prep and light household duties to ensure that you tidy up after the children. The little boy is very outgoing, and into everything and he loves the outdoors. The little girl is a bit more reserved and likes puzzles and reading. They both like biking riding and playing ball games and are very social. Other: - Full clean driver’s License and own car - The rate will reflect the level of experience Job ID 2126 Read MoreApply Now
2122AucklandAuckland – SouthHunua Part Time Nanny ( Live In)$20Tue + Thu (16 Hours) Or 4 half days Flesible Start date: ASAP Hours: 6-8 Hours per day flexible Children: 4 Children (G1, B8, B6, B4) Description: Mum needs an extra pair of hands and this role is super flexible. They are happy to look at any two full days (6-8 hours) or 4 half days per week. You will need to be proactive and happy to help out where needed. Some of your duties will be school drop off and pick up, meal prep, organising lunch boxes and some light household duties. Other: - Clean driver’s license - Great role for junior Nanny - Mother Help - Flexible hours and days for this role Read MoreApply Now
2121AucklandAuckland – North ShoreHaurakiPart Time Nanny $20-23Wed+Thu (16 Hours) Start date: ASAP Hours: 9.30am to 5.30pm or 10am to 6pm Children: 3 Children (B8, B4, G4) Description: Mum is looking for someone who is flexible, has initiative and who is proactive and happy to work with her to care for the children - effectively an extra pair of hands. This role will be predominately caring for the twins with some light household duties laundry, meal prep, lunch boxes etc. All three children are very happy and engaging. Their oldest is very independent and goes to after school care which he loves. The twins are both very different, with the little boy being more of an introvert who loves crafts and the outdoor. The little girl is very social and a great communicate who loves baking and dressing up. Other: - Clean driver’s license and own car - Rate dependant on experience - Great role for junior Nanny - Mother Help Read MoreApply Now
2108AucklandAuckland – WestGlen EdenPart Time Nanny$25-$28Tue+Thu+Fri (19.5 hours) Start date: End November Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm Children: 2 Children: (G3.5 + B2) Description: Mum is due to have her baby number 3 in November and will need an extension of herself to assist in looking after the 2 older children. Miss G is calm in nature and loves to draw, read and play with Play-dough, whilst Mister B is full of energy and sometimes needs his attention to be focused. Both children enjoy getting out and going to the park or discovering something new. By the time they get home, a good book and some quiet time is enjoyed by both. Duties would include general tidy up of children's spaces, however assisting and teaching the children how to be responsible for their own tidy environment is key too. Meal prep on some days in the form of a hot lunch and hanging the odd piece of laundry would be greatly appreciated. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Early childhood Education / Montessori exp an advantage - 5 years + exp needed Job ID 2108 Read MoreApply Now
2102AucklandAuckland – CentralGlendowie Part Time Nanny$22+Mon + Wed-Fri (19 hours) Start Date: September Hours: Mon, Thu, Fri: 7:30am-10:30am Wed: 7:30am-5:30pm Children: 2 Children (12 years old boy and 2 months old girl) Description: Lovely part-time role with a bilingual Family starting this month in Glendowie. The family has two lovely children at the age of 12 years and just a couple of months. The wee girl was born just in July and the family is looking for a nanny to support them with light household duties around the house, prepping meals, school drop-offs (on some days), and looking after the infant. We are looking for a pro-active, nurturing, and active nanny who has got experience with newborns, such as bottle feeding, settling sterilising, and cleaning bottles, and someone who is happy to work alongside Mum. Occasionally, we would like you to take the older boy to afterschool activities, such as cricket, tennis, football, swimming, or piano lessons. If you speak another language, that would be an incredible bonus. Other: - Junior nannies welcome to apply - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Non-Smoking mandatory Job ID 2102Read MoreApply Now
2087AucklandAuckland – North ShoreTorbayAfter School Nanny$20-22Mon-Thu (16 Hours) Start date: ASAP Hours: 2pm-6pm Children: 3 Children: (G8, B5 and G2 years) Description: This Family are looking for a Nanny who is active and will be engaging with their children. The days can be different, taking the children to afterschool activities, helping them with their homework, organising snacks and it would be great if you are a dab hand in the kitchen prepping their meals from time to time. Mum works from her home office so you would need to be comfortable that she is at home, although she is fully focused on her job which is why she is looking for a great Nanny. The children are great communicators, social and very easy and independent. They love music, crafts and swimming. Other: - Clean driver’s license and own car - Rate dependant on experience Job ID 2087 Read MoreApply Now
2084AucklandAuckland – WestMount Albert Part Time Nanny$20-23Wed (9 hours) Start date: 23 September Hours: Wed 8am-5pm Children: 2 Children: (B4 years & B1) Description: Lovely family in Mt Albert are looking for a Nanny predominantly to look after little Mr 1 year old and on occasion collect little Mr 4 year old from Day Care. Both children love music, Lego and anything sports related (just like Dad). Little Mr 1 is a calm with a gentle nature, who looks up to his brother. He loves his cuddles and is always keen to go out and about in the sunshine. Mum's main wish is for her baby to be loved and looked after safely. It would be a bonus to get a bit of help with general tidy up and the occasional laundry load. The family are very healthy and Mum makes most of babies food from scratch. They'll always be something yummy to warm up, unless you'd like to assist with some healthy meal prep if there's time. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Drivers licence needed for rainy days. -Friendly boxer dog is part of the family and great with the children Job ID 2084 Read MoreApply Now
2079Riyadh Full Time Nanny (Live In)$71.000-90.000 paMon-Sat (60-72 hours) Start Date: November Hours: 8.30am-8.30pm Children: 2 Boys (5yo and 3yo) Description: Once in a lifetime opportunity to work for a VIP family in Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia. Dream have been approached to find a Nanny who has a childcare qualification and at least 2 years of relevant experience (2-3 years old) working full time with an amazing Family in Riyadh. The Family has had the same Kiwi Nanny for the past 4.5 years and is looking for another candidate to fill the role permanently for at least a year. The family is impressed with the Kiwi culture, values, and down-to-earth approach of their nanny from New Zealand, hence why they are recruiting for another candidate. Your living expenses (board and lodgings), as well as flights and visa, will be looked after for you. The family is looking for a nanny who has a passion for children, with lots of enthusiasm, commitment, and loyalty towards supporting the children's learning and growth. The boys love arts and crafts, baking and cooking, playing soccer, boardgames, and building things. The current nanny has become part of the family, which is something that you should want to become too. You should be openminded towards everything new, be calm, but firm with the boys, organised, fun, active, and easy to get along with. The parents and grandparents are close by, and everybody is involved in the children's daily life and everybody helps out where they can. Therefore, you should be pro-active and engaged in the family's supportive community. You would be responsible for the day to day care of the boys, ensuring their wellbeing, organising learning activities as both are involved in online learning, teaching kids independence playfully, organising meals with the chef, activities etc. . Saudi Arabia has strict rules regarding Muslim customs so you would need to be sensitive to their customs, which includes appropriate clothing and adhering to their religious customs. Given this is a live-in role there is limited option for socialising, however there are opportunities to meet other Nannies and there are outside activities you can do on your day off. A return flight would be included as part of the contract and you will be required to isolate for 14 days at the family's expense. Any isolation costs on returning to NZ would need to be covered by you. You would arrive on a tourist/visitor visa and the family will organise a work visa for you, including health insurance and residents permit. Your passport needs to be valid for the entire time you are to stay in Saudi Arabia. Your salary will be paid monthly in SAR into your bank account which you will set up in Riyadh upon arrival. Other: - Childcare Qualification and 2 years of consecutive full-time experience. - Overseas experience not required but an advantage - Salary tax-free ID2079Read MoreApply Now
2074AucklandAuckland – North ShoreHobsonvillePart Time Nanny$19-20Wed-Fri (24 Hours) Start Date: September Hours: Wed 9am-5pm Thur-Fri12pm-8pm Children: 1 Child (B 20 Months) This Family are looking for a Nanny who has lots of initiative, energy and whose focus will be on caring for this little boy. You would have a nurturing nature and are there to help this little boy reach his milestones in a fun and safe environment. In addition to your primary role caring for him you would be required to do light household duties, some laundry and meal prep. Mum has described her son as having lots of energy, a bright personality and a fabulous communicator. He is very inquisitive and is at the stage of learning to push his boundaries so it is important that the person taking on this role is able to teach him in a kind and caring way. Other: - Junior Nanny Role - Must have clean license Read MoreApply Now
2046AucklandAuckland – CentralWestmerePart Time Nanny$25Fri (5.5 Hrs) Start Date: ASAP Hours: 2.30pm to 8pm Children: 5 Children (8, 7, 7, 3 and 3 years) Description: This lovely family have five gorgeous children, 3 of whom are with the them full time and 2 who are at home every second Friday. They have lots of help but need an extra pair of hands so you will have lots of support. The children are at school and kindy so the first few hours of your day will be getting prepped for after school pick up and kindy pick up as well as organising and planning activities. You will need to have great negotiation skills, ensuring homework is completed as well as being an awesome communication and logistics specialist! You will be liaising with the school where necessary and ensuring the children get to any after school activities. There may be some laundry, light household duties and some meal prep on occasion but they have another person who helps manage the household. During school holidays these hours will change and you will be needed from 8.30am to 4.30pm during these periods. This is a long term role so the Family are looking for someone who is going to be committed to caring and nurturing the children and continuity of care is important. If you have 5 years plus experience and looking for a varied busy role please get in touch. - Family has a dog - Clean Driver’s license with own car - 5 Years plus experience with mature outlook Read MoreApply Now
2025AucklandAuckland – WestHendersonPart Time Nanny$25Mon-Thu (5-7 hours) Start Date: ASAP Hours: Mon+Wed 4.30pm-6pm Tue+Thurs 6.30am-7.30am Children: 2 Children: Description: Fun loving musical Family looking for part time help during the week. Duties would include collection from daycare on a Monday and Wednesday, and then taking to daycare on a Tuesday and Thursday. Helping out with bedtime and morning routine. These are 2 very active young children, who love to get out, dance, sing, jump on the trampoline and play catches. Their 3 year old boy is super curious about everything and 2 year old girl loves to pack everything away. Other: - Junior Nannies welcome to apply! - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Flexible days and times for the right candidate - Solo Dad has own business, so works from home form time to time - Cats Job ID 2025 Read MoreApply Now
2015AucklandAuckland – North ShoreGreenhithePart Time Nanny$20-24Mon-Fri (20 hours) Start date: February 2021 Hours: Mon-Thu 3.30pm-7.30pm Fri 3pm-7pm Children: 2 Children (4 and 12 years) Description: The Family are looking for a Nanny who is caring, kind and who will really engage with their children and also a great communicator. You would be required to pick up the children up from school and day care and take them to after school activities which generally happen Monday to Thursday. There would also be some laundry and light household duties required that are related to the children. Their little girl is very social and loves to chat so this is where your engaging nature comes into play. She also likes drawing and colouring in. Their oldest is a little more reserved so your communication skills will be very useful. He loves sports and plays hockey and cricket as well as table tennis. The Family are open to experience as fit is important to them. Other: - The rate will reflect the level of experience - Full clean license and own vehicle Job ID 2015 Read MoreApply Now
1888AucklandAuckland – CentralWestmere Part Time Nanny$20-25Mon-Fri (15 Hours) Start Date: ASAP Hours: 4.30pm-7.30pm Children: 2 Children (8 and 23 months) Description: If you are looking to start your Nannying career or sharpen your skills in a parent support role, have an aura that children are naturally drawn to and enjoy being active; this might be just what you are looking for. This Family is all go with 2 girls under 2! The youngest is a real curious koala, she is climbing, crawling and has great dexterity for things she shouldn't! The older sister is a little shadow, she loves to help with everything from washing up to helping make baby-chinos. They both love to be outside playing, chasing balls, going down the slide and watching more Peppa Pig than their parents would like! Both girls are very similar in that they are very happy and cheerful, they are engaging and entertaining and will happily play together. If you are a proactive, forward thinking Nanny, who is happy to work alongside a parent to stimulate, entertain and care for these two lovely little ladies, please apply now! Other: - Would consider a Junior Nanny - Rate dependent on experience - Hours are not flexible/changeable - Parent Support Role Job ID 1888Read MoreApply Now
1714AucklandAuckland – WestHobsonvilleFull Time Nanny (Live In)$19Mon-Sun (20-25 hours) Start Date: ASAP Hours: Rostered hours - One month in advance 7am to 5 pm mainly OR occasionally 9pm to 9am Shiftwork Children: 1 Boy (10 months) Description: Fantastic Full-time Role in Hobsonville! Starting in April 2020. This happy and easy-going family has a little boy and are looking for a nanny to become part of their family. The parents are looking for a Nanny that has a caring and respectful approach, someone who will arrange fun and educational activities, help out with household jobs if time permits. The family would love someone who is flexible, highly responsible, and able to work alongside the parents' busy work schedule. Mum and Dad are doctors and would like to have a live-in nanny, who is happy to work with rostered shifts, which are made available one month in advance. This is a live-in position because the parents are going to work overnight as well. The little boy is happy, has great routines. Ideally, you are someone who is confident with babies, and trustworthy to make sure little Mister is safe and well looked after. Other: - Family would consider a junior Nanny - Confident with bottle feeding and making baby food - Board and Lodging will be deducted Job ID 1714Read MoreApply Now
1610AucklandAuckland – CentralMeadowbankPart Time Nanny$25Mon+Wed+Thu (19.5 Hours) Start Date: September Hours: 12pm-6.30pm Children: 3 Child (5, 4 and 2 years) Description: Do want your mornings free? Family are flexible with hours day so if you want one less day or work 2.30pm to 6.30pm they would happy with this. This busy family are looking for a caring, loving Nanny to give them some help as mum goes back to work three days a week. Their oldest daughter is now at school with the two younger boys at kindy and preschool. Your day would start off at the family home to pick up the car and do a quick tidy meal prep and laundy before heading out to pick the children from Kindy and School. Then back arrange fund activites and homework and preparing the evening meal. The children love the park, and sometimes a swim at the grandparents’ house who live close by. Their older child is happy to spend time playing and loves her space, their middle son loves biking and scootering and their youngest loves trains and the hose! If you think you would be a good fit for this family get in touch with us. Other: -Full clean drivers license -2 years plus preferred ID 1610 Read MoreApply Now
1241AucklandAuckland – CentralRemueraFull Time Nanny$25-27Mon+Tue+Thu+Fri (36 Hours) Start date : October Hours: 10am to 7pm 2 Children: (16 months and 5 years) Description : Their ideal Nanny would have a really passion for caring for children, is competent and calm and proactive as well as having lots of initiative and most of all reliable. Although the parents work from home this role is a sole charge position. In addition for caring from the children you would be required to do meal prep for the children, light household duties and some laundry. From 10 December to the end of January, the family will be at their Waiheke home so they would like that person to stay Monday night and Thursday nights. Flexibility is key for this role as the family would like their Nanny to travel with them if they go away on trips. Their 5 year old son has recently started school so is pick from school is required. He love books and stories as well as creative play. Their 16 month daughter is starting to explore and is very active and happy. Both children both have great routines. If you have flexibility and the experience we would love for you to apply for this role. Other: - Clean driver’s license - 5 years plus experience ID 1241 Read MoreApply Now
289AucklandAuckland – CentralRemueraFull Time or Part Time Nanny$25-28Mon-Fri (25 or 30 Hours) Start Date: 7 October 2020 Hours: 8.30am to 1.30pm or 9am to 3pm Children: 3 Boys (18 Months, 5 and 7 years old) Description: This Dream Family are looking for second pair of hands. The Family are high profile and are looking for someone who is reliable, confidential and who is going to be with them on a long term basis. It is really important that their Nanny is part of their family which is why they are looking for someone who will be dedicated to an ongoing role with them. You would need 4 years plus experience with a mature outlook, who fully engages with children and has lots of energy to keep up with their three gorgeous boys. The children love outdoors and sports but are also creative and love animals and exploring. Your main duties are caring for the children, however they are looking for someone to take on a more house management role as well, including meal prep, laundry and some light household duties. Potentially in the future there may be some travel and if you were keen to work the odd weekend that would be amazing so if you have some flexibility this would be an advantage. Other: - High profile family. Nanny needs to be 100% professional, confidential and reliable. - Nanny needs 4+ years’ experience. - Family have a dog - Parent Help Role Read MoreApply Now