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Job IDRegionSubRegionSuburbType of WorkRateJob Description
2672AucklandAuckland – EastSt HeliersPart Time Nanny$30+Flexible Days | Any 2 Days (19 Hours) Start Date: ASAP Hours: 7.30am-5.00pm Children: B4 and B5 Description: Nanny/Household Management Role. Mum is hands off so if you like a role you can make your own this it the one 🙂 This role is approx 50% caring for the 2 little boys and 50% house management. Mum is a very busy professional and often works from home in a separate office upstairs. Their current nanny has been with the family for almost 5 years and is leaving to peruse another career. Master 4 is at kindy 3 mornings a week and Master 5 is at school. The youngest is a real boy's boy. The oldest is sociable, loves arts and crafts and being with other children. Both boys love being out and about. The family has a very good routine. A cleaner comes in every Friday and everyone tidies as they go. The expectation is that the main living areas and kitchen are spotless at the end of every day. A Typical Day: 7.30 Children have had breakfast, tidy the kitchen, get boys ready for school | kindy, tidy bathroom, make lunches, tidy bedrooms, walk to school, then to kindy. Home, tidy kitchen, run dishwasher and empty it, tidy tv room, washing. Whatever lists are for the day including food shopping and odd jobs ie pick up prescriptions, put petrol in the car. Pick up boys from kindy and school, afternoon activities, prepare meal for the family. This professional busy family are looking for a Super Star to make their lives easier. Have you got great time management, are you reliable and proactive? Other - Drivers licence needed, family provide a car - 5 years plus experience and qualification Read MoreApply Now
2667AucklandAuckland – CentralMission BayFull Time Nanny$26-28Mon-Thu (42 hours) Start date: June / July 2021 Hours: 7:30am-6pm Children: 2 Children: (G2+G5) Description: This is an incredible job with an incredible family! 2 amazing, sensitive, loving, kind, fun, intelligent, imaginative girls are looking for their next Nanny. They are looking for a Nanny with balance to be able to get down and have some fun, however ensure they are well rested and comfortable in the afternoon. Someone great at deflecting, nurturing, kind and loving. Communication is key with this family. They are relaxed and accommodating with an open door policy. G5 will be starting school in term 3. She is a sensitive soul who loves to read. Mum and Dad already read all the chapter books to her and she thoroughly enjoys Roald Dahl! She is well behaved, gentle and an imaginative game can carry on for days with her. G2 has more of a cute cheeky streak, but is still respectful and kind. She loves learning new things and getting out in the morning throwing the ball and riding the bike is just awesome for her. Main focus is the girls, however eventually down the track someone that can help with school lunches, the occasional dinner and general tidy up will be good. The family run a healthy lifestyle and keep sweets to the minimum. They have weekly cleaner so no need for anything hectic. Other: 5 years + exp Drivers licence needed. Vehicle will be provided Rate will reflect exp Job ID 2667Read MoreApply Now
2659AucklandAuckland – WestGrey LynnPart Time Nanny$28-32Tue+Thu (12 hours) Ideal, but happy to be neg with days Start Date: ASAP Hours: 9am-3pm Children: 2 children (B3.5 yrs + B3 mths) Description: Mum has her own business run from a different building next door and needs to have 2 days a week to really concentrate on her work. B3.5 goes to kindy 5 days a week, however if for any reason he would be home, the Nanny would be required to assist. He is a lovely little boy who enjoys pretty much everything. He loves drawing, playing ball and having fun. B3 mths is still developing a routine and a Nanny that is proactive and interactive would be great. Experience with little ones is a must, along with a loving and kind disposition. Main duties will really just be childcare! Other: - Rate will reflect experience ID 2659Read MoreApply Now
2656AucklandAuckland – CentralOnehungaFull Time Nanny$28-31Mon-Fri (35 hours) Start Date: Mid August 2021 Hours: 7:15-5:15pm (3.5 rostered days per week) Children: 3 children (B6 mths, G6, G9) Description: Returning DREAM Nanny family have had an addition to their family and are now looking for a Nanny to join them long term. Recent baby experience is a must and so is a kind hearted, interactive and balanced Nanny! The family are looking for someone that is happy to spend some time at home and maybe go out adventuring once a day. (Mainly music, DREAM playgroups etc). Little Mr is a sociable baby who smiles heaps and loves the company of others. He goes with the flow and is obviously ever changing being so little. It would be great for someone to invest time in his developmental journey and help him to succeed in reaching him milestones. Other duties will be to take and collect the girls from school (walking distance). The afternoon activities will be few, however swimming and potentially ballet for the girls in the afternoons. G6 is fun, energetic, loves to sing and dance, and help with baby brother. G9 is easy going, kind, sporty and very motherly to her siblings. She is definitely an extra pair of hands that is welcome in the home. Light household duties pertaining to the children only, for example, laundry, lunch boxes, meal prep and keeping their areas tidy. The family have a cleaner, so nothing hectic. Other: - Clean drivers licence and vehicle needed - Rate will reflect experience ID 2656Read MoreApply Now
2655AucklandAuckland – CentralSt HeliersFull Time Nanny$22-23Mon-Fri (40 hours) Start date: End Aug / Beg Sep Hours: 8am-4pm Children: 2 Children: (B4, G18 mths) Description: This pretty awesome family are looking for a Nanny to join them in early September. Mum is looking for someone down to earth, who loves dogs and absolutely adores children. Little Miss is already very much a girly girl and loves to dance, read and make everything and anything look like a necklace. She loves stickers and doing creative and pretty things in her time. Little Mr is super compliant, sensitive and very soft and gentle with his sister. He also loves to dance and enjoys imaginative play. He attends kindy for 3 days of the week, which the family would like to retain. The ideal Nanny would be someone who encourages both children to be independent, allow them their own time to play, yet jumping in there and getting creative and fun when needed. Encouraging the children to learn to tidy up after themselves whilst helping them in a gentle manor. Balance is key! Other duties will be to maintain a tidy home, a bit of laundry and meal prep, however the children are the first priority. A bit of initiative to just help out when necessary will be lovely. The family a large fluffy and friendly dog, so dog lovers welcome. They also have a cute little cat. Other: Drivers licence and own vehicle needed Juniors welcome Maximum of $23 per hour Job ID 2655Read MoreApply Now
2653AucklandAuckland – North ShoreCampbells BayPart Time Nanny$22-25Mon+Wed (18 Hours) Start Date: July 2021 Hours: 7.30am-4:30pm Children: B2 and B8 mnths Description: 2 very busy little boys are looking for their next Nanny. This job is full on and will require someone that is active and can keep up with 2 boys. Dad will be on hand to give the Nanny a break on a Wednesday with swimming lessons and on a Monday with an activity for one of the boys. This is however a sole charge position. B2 is friendly, happy, smiley and very social. He loves to read and interact, so someone that can play and be engaging will definitely suit this young man. B8 mnths is crawling everywhere and is an extremely busy little boy. He is into everything and definitely has a healthy curiosity. Other duties would include folding laundry, occasional food prep for the boys and just keeping the house generally tidy. Traffic seems to be quite challenging in this area, so someone that lives close by or doesn't mind travelling is preferred. Other - Drivers licence needed, family provide a car - juniors welcome Job 2653 Read MoreApply Now
2643AucklandAuckland – North ShoreNorthcrossPart Time Nanny$23-26Wed (10 hours) Start date: ASAP Hours: 8am-6pm Children: 2 Children: (Twin Boys 3 and a half) Description: Busy twin boys who love cars, Lego, puzzles and running around would love some company on a Wednesday. The family have been renovating and living an incredibly busy lifestyle that the boys are still in nappies. So if you have some patience, a bit of potty training could be appreciated. The boys just love people and love to interact. Anyone that plays with them will be their best friend! The family are looking for someone engaging, someone to play with, kick the ball around and have fun. Mum says that after a day with the twins, you are bound to sleep well 🙂 Other duties will include outings (mainly music, or play groups), general load of washing and keeping the areas tidy. Other: Juniors welcome Drivers licence and own vehicle needed Asthma and peanut allergy Job ID 2643Read MoreApply Now
2639AucklandAuckland – WestWaimauku After School Nanny$25+Mon-Fri (20 Hours) Start Date: 1 Sep 2021 Hours: 7.30am -9.30am and 2.00pm to 4.00pm The family would consider afternoons only. Children: 3 Children, Ages: 5, 2, 0 Description: The kids love the trampoline, their playhouse and all animals. Usual routine: 7am breakfast, getting ready for school & kindy 2.30pm school & kindy pick up, home to afternoon tea, play , homework and bath, Pjs & relax, dinner and bed. Other - Clean licence - family can provide a vehicle - Looking for 2 years+ experience Job ID 2639 Read MoreApply Now
2637AucklandAuckland – WestHelensvillePart Time Nanny$20-22Tue+Thu+Fri (27 hours) Start Date: 1 July 2021 Hours: Tues 8am-5pm Thu 8am-5:30pm Fri 8am-4:30pm Children: 3 children (G2 + B6 + B9) Description: Long standing DREAM Nanny family are looking for their next Nanny to help them out 3 days a week. The family live rural, so will need the Nanny to drive children to and from school. There is a family car that can be used. B9 loves Lego, Minecraft, computer games and reading. He is an affectionate boy, who loves cuddles, and is very sensitive (sometimes needing gentle care). He has been diagnosed with ADHD (medicated during the day to concentrate at school) and mild ASD which only affects his social relationships, but thats what makes him super special and the loving boy that he is. B6 plays soccer in the winter, and athletics in the summer. He is a very outgoing and social child. He LOVES to be outside and runs everywhere and he never stops talking! G2 is a real character and wants to keep up with her brothers. She loves slides and swings, is starting to enjoy Lego and drawing. She is social and likes dancing. A Nanny that will kick a soccer ball, bake and involve the children in activities is preferred. Someone that is calm and happy to work with 3 active children whilst keeping it all under control. Other duties will include taking boys to afternoon activities, G2 to mainly music and play groups. Childrens laundry, meal prep. packing lunches and general tidiness of the family home. Other: - Clean drivers licence - Junior Nannies welcome - Dog, cat and sheep ID 2637Read MoreApply Now
2626AucklandAuckland – CentralMount EdenFull Time Nanny$28-32Mon-Fri (40-50 hours) Start date: Early October Hours: 6:45am start Children: 1 Child: (G11 mths) Description: Professional Medical family need assistance with their 11 month old baby girl from October 2021. They are in need of a very flexible Nanny as on the odd occasion their shift may run slightly over time. Mum is an Anesthetist, so cannot hand over to someone else in an emergency. Main priority will be baby girl, with the potential of meal prep, baby laundry and general tidy ups coming second, but appreciated. Little Miss is a gentle, easy going baby and loves to have books read to her. She concentrates hard on her toys, so someone that is happy to put in the time to nurture her and what she loves, will be great. A calm, collected and loving Nanny will be great! Other: 5 years plus Drivers licence and own vehicle needed Job ID 2626Read MoreApply Now
2624AucklandAuckland – CentralGreenlanePart Time Nanny$23-25Mon-Wed (24 hours) Start Date: 28 June Hours: 8am-4pm Children: 2 children (B13 mths + G3 yrs) Description: Awesome family looking for a Nanny to assist them from Monday through to Wednesday. Little Miss loves reading, singing, playing with her dolls and pretending to be a teacher. Little Mr loves to explore and do whatever his big sister does. Both kids love the outdoors and the family have lots of outdoor space to run around in. You will need your own car and clean licence, as the children love to go on adventures. Other than childcare, please keep the family home presentable with a quick tidy up after the kids, a bit of laundry and the occasional meal prep. Other: - Rate will reflect experience - Recent baby experience please ID 2624Read MoreApply Now
2607AucklandAuckland – North ShoreMairangi BayPart Time Nanny$25-28Mon+Tue (8hours) Neg on days Start Date: ASAP Hours: Mon+Tue 9am-1pm Children: 4 children (B2 days old, B2 yrs, G4 yrs, G6 yrs) Description: North Shore family looking for assistance for mainly their B2 year old. Mum will be looking after new born, G4 is at Preschool for 4 days per week and G6 is at school. There will be no driving necessary in this position and the main focus will be B2. He loves his cars and getting out and about on his trike. at home he enjoys coloring in and stacking his blocks The only additional duties beside for children will be meal prep for the children that are around for snacks and lunches. Mum is looking for an interactive Nanny, that will take her son for walks and occasionally watch baby if he is sleeping whilst Mum darts off to the shops. Other: - Rate will reflect experience ID 2607Read MoreApply Now
2599AucklandAuckland – North ShoreForrest HillPart Time Nanny$21-24Any 2 days (16 hours) Start Date: VERY URGENT ASAP Hours: Any 8 hours per day Children: 1 child (B7 mths) Description: Mum and Dad need your help with their little angel. He was attending daycare and things were not working and he became unwell. Everything is great now however this has lead to the family changing their vision and wanting a long term Nanny. Mum or dad work from home, (not at the same time), but the position is sole charge. Little Mr is an active child and enjoys interacting with others. He is pushing up on his knees now and is very positive in his approach to learning and having fun. He is not a cryer and is quite cruzey! Baby battles at first to take a bottle from strangers, so patience is required, however Mum or Dad can be on standby if need be. Once baby s settled the family are happy to increase the days to 3 per week and also leave the home on a more regular basis. family can provide a vehicle and car seat, and are looking for someone with a clean drivers licence. Main duties are baby and if he is sleeping and the Nanny would like to help out with general tidy ups, she is welcome to. Other: - Clean drivers licence needed - Rate will reflect experience ID 2599Read MoreApply Now
2553AucklandAuckland – CentralRemueraFull Time Nanny$21-23Mon-Fri (35 hours) Start date: May 2021 Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm Children: 2 Children: (B8 months; G6) Description: This is a great opportunity for a junior Nanny to start off their career, or even a senior Nanny to finish up early in the day. The family have 2 children, however the focus is the baby boy. Mum and Dad will drop off and collect G6 from school. They are looking for an energetic Nanny to play play play. Babies needs change daily and the Nanny should be able to roll with the changes. The one thing that doesn't change with this little boy is his BIG HEARTY LAUGH!! This is why a friendly, smiling, loving, caring and compassionate individual is required. Mum and Dad work often from home except for a Wednesday. Their requirements will be to feed baby, fold the dry clothes and put his wet pants into the basket. Baby does not use Nappies during the day and has a toilet routine which the family are happy to discuss with you. Other: - No driving necessary - Junior Nannies welcome - Family are vegetarians - General tidiness during the day Job ID 2553 Read MoreApply Now
2544AucklandAuckland – North ShoreMatakanaPart Time Nanny (Fixed Term)$26+Mon+Wed-Thu (27 Hours) Start date: 2 Aug Hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm B3, B8 Months Fixed Term 6 Months with potential to extend or make permanent Rural location set on 5 acre block caring for a gorgeous 8 month old little boy. His older brother who is 3 attends kindy but there may be the odd day here and there when you could be caring for them both. Your role comprises of organising age appropriate activities, feeding, changing and ensuring their son is settled and happy in his routine. In addition you would be ensuring the home is kept in a general tidy manner with some light laundry and meal prep for the boys. Both boys are very happy and easy going. The older boy loves the outdoors and is quite independent with the younger one being in a great routine and very relaxed. Other: - Clean licence and own vehicle -2 years plus aged relevant experience Job ID 2544 Read MoreApply Now
2534AucklandAuckland – CentralOnehungaPart Time Nanny$26Mon (9.25 hrs) Start date: ASAP Hours: Mon 7.45am to 5pm B2 This Family are looking for a Nanny to care for their very happy and loving little boy. Attachment responsive parenting is very important to them so they need a Nanny who is comfortable with this parenting style. You also need to be reliable and proactive but most of all be focused on providing a lovely and nurturing environment for their son. Their little boy is in a great routine and is a very happy little boy who is a great communicator and loves cuddles. He is confident once he gets to know you or new environments. He loves the outdoors, the park, his scooter as well as lego, blocks and creative activities. This is a very inclusive family so they are looking for someone who is happy with this environment. If you have some flexibility that would be great as there may be extra hours but this is not essential. In addition to caring for their son, there would be light household duties ensuing areas and clean and tidy at the end of the day, some meal prep, snacks. lunch and potential dinner on the Monday. - Clean Driver’s License - available use of family car - Rate dependent on experience Job ID 2534 Read MoreApply Now
2517AucklandAuckland – North ShoreBelmontFull Time Nanny$25-30Mon+Tue+Thu (30 hours) Start date: July 2021 Hours: 7:30am-5:30pm (Some flexibility needed) Children: 2 Children: (B9 months; B4) Description: Fantastic opportunity for an experienced Nanny looking for work 3 days of the week. Main work will be with baby boy of 9 months and dropping off/ collecting B4 from daycare at 4pm on Mon and Tue every week, then 2:30pm on a Thur or at home during school holidays. This is a super happy little family with very social boys. B4 has an incredible imagination, loves to read and is smiley and thoughtful . Baby Boy is very expressive, loves music, playing outside, going for walks and spending time with his big brother. He is in a great routine at the moment, however Mum is not super strict on exact nap or feeding times. The family are merely looking for a Nanny that LOVES children and has experience with babies. Other duties will include laundry for the children, a bit of meal prep of solids for baby and general tidy ups after crafts etc. Dad works UK hours, so will be at home sleeping. Mum and Dad would like the Nanny to be the primary caregiver on these days, however they will need to feel comfortable with Dad popping in to see his boys. Mum’s hours vary from time to time, so the flexibility would mean a potential 7am start, or a couple of hours into the evening. Not often, however a definite need. Other: - Clean drivers licence. - Some experience required with babies - Rate will reflect experience Job 2517Read MoreApply Now
2440AucklandAuckland – CentralWestern SpringsPart Time Nanny$20-23Wed (8 Hours) Potentially another pm of 4 hours (Any day) Start Date: July 2021 Hours: Neg Children: 2 Children: (B3 + G1) Description: Part Time role in a lovely home in Western Springs. Relaxed and loving DREAM Nanny Family are looking for a Nanny on a Wednesday and potentially another 4 hours on any other day in the afternoon (if possible). Duties include arranging and providing age-appropriate activities for the toddler in a safe and nurturing space for the child to develop fully, with activities such as playgroups, playdates, creative play, or reading. The little boy enjoys his car and loves to be busy, so they are after a nanny who can keep him entertained and happy throughout the day. Someone proactive and engaging. Little Miss is smiley and happy so the Family would like a nanny who has got a positive, happy nature and a good record of previous Nanny experience. Whilst baby is sleeping some meal prep for the family / quick tidy up and some laundry would be appreciated. Other: - Clean driver license required / Car available to use - Mum will be around, however running errands mostly Job ID 2440 Read MoreApply Now
2342AucklandAuckland – North ShoreDevonport After School Nanny$25Mon+Tue (5 hours) Start date: 2 February 2021 Hours: 2:30pm-5pm Children: 2 Children: (G21 months, G4) Description: 2 very sweet girls would love to have a long term Nanny join them on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Miss 21 months loves to keep busy, is highly independent and can play in the sand for hours, whilst her 4 year old sister enjoys a good book and chilling at the park. They live about 100m from the local beach and park, so this is definitely a firm favorite. Duties would be collecting both from daycare / preschool, meal prep and tidy up of the meal prep. The rest is just having fun and enjoying the afternoons with the girls. Mum works from home, behind closed doors, however there is so much to do with the girls and Mum is super busy, so getting out and about and having fun is easy. Other: Juniors welcome Drivers licence needed Family have a little Jack Russell Job ID 2342Read MoreApply Now
2321AucklandAuckland – North ShoreBayviewPart Time Nanny$25Two days a week, flexible with days Start Date: ASAP Hours: 8.30am to 4pm (can be flexible) Children: B3 G7 Description: We have a very interesting role which as there is some flexibility that is needed as Mum travels to Whangarei on average once a month for a week and the Nanny is required to be available to travel with her and her son for a few days or the week. During this time you would be working full time and need to be available to travel. Predominately your role is caring for their three year old son, which includes arranging age appropriate activities, meal prep, light household duties and light laundry. Their son loves cars and anything police and ambulance related! He has lots of energy and enjoys a run around as well as the outdoors. He is a great communicator and very social. Their oldest daughter is also very social and enjoys arts and crafts, painting and anything princess related. Other: - Clean Driver’s license and own car - Rate is dependent on experience - Compensation provided in addition to hourly rate whilst away. All living expenses covered during this period Job ID 2321Read MoreApply Now
2199AucklandAuckland – CentralMeadowbankFull Time Nanny$26-28Mon-Fri (45 hours or 36 Hours) Start date: 21 June Hours: 7.30/8.00am to 4.30/5.00pm (Hours can be Flexible if someone is looking between 36 & 45 hours) Children: G6 and G20 months Our lovely nanny is moving on to an exciting new profession and we are looking for our next superstar nanny. We are a busy family of 4. Mum and Dad work full time and the role involves care for our two girls. Primary care will be for our beautiful and energetic toddler- keeping to her routine of feeding, bath, play, naps and outings. And for our 6.5yo old daughter the role involves school pick up, homework, dinner/snacks, bath. The role also includes tidying up after the kids for food, play areas (after use) and children's room- make beds, prep dinner for children and family, children's laundry. Our family would suit someone down to earth and reliable, with a gentle approach but firm with boundaries specially around safety, and someone who shows initiative. Other: - Experience with toddlers and primary school age children is essential - Rate will reflect level of experience - Clean driver’s license and own vehicleRead MoreApply Now
2196AucklandAuckland – CentralParnellPart Time Nanny (Fixed Term)$25+Mon+ Tue (18 hours) Fri hours also available if you are interested. Start date: Mid Jul 2021 End date: End Oct 2021 Hours: Mon-Tue 7am to 6.30pm Fri 7am-9am Children: G6 and B3 Mum and Dad are Doctors and need some help before baby number 3 arrives. Family is pretty easy going, happy kids are the key! Would be great if our Nanny can sort the kids dinner that would be ready to go. Miss 6 goes to the local primary and Master 3 goes to kindy. In addition to caring for the children, there is light household duties, meal prep and some light laundry. They are looking for someone who is flexible, energetic, fun and who will fit in well to this very friendly family. Experience is not a factor, just the right fit. The family are from Scotland and the children are both extraverts who have great communication skills and have a lovely sense of humour. They like sports, imaginative place, listening to stories and are very social and make friends wherever they go. Other: - Happy to consider all experience levels - Rate will reflect level of experience - Clean driver’s license and own vehicle Job ID 2196 Read MoreApply Now
2187AucklandAuckland – CentralMeadowbankPart Time Nanny (Fixed Term)$25-27Tue-Thu (21 Hours) Start date: Early July 2021 Hours: 9am-4pm Children: G13 Mths Description: Fixed Term 9 Months This Family are looking for a Nanny to care for their gorgeous little girl. Someone who is proactive, has initiative and is caring and nurturing. Their little girl is very inquisitive so you would be focused, attentive and love interacting with her to help her explore her world. The family are looking for someone who engages with them as they have a happy home and are looking for someone who will fit is well to this environment. They currently have a lovely Nanny that they will be retaining. The new Nanny will be working different shifts to her. Duties in this role include feeding, changing, sterilising bottles, ensuring a good routine as well as organising challenging and stimulating activities for her. In addition, you will ensure the home is kept clean and tidy as well as light laundry for their daughter. Their daughter is a very relaxed, happy, social baby who is very inquisitive and interacts well. She is generally in a good routine. Other - 5 years plus experience - Clean licence - Family have a dog Job ID 2187 Read MoreApply Now
2156AucklandAuckland – CentralEllerslieAfter School Nanny (Fixed Term)$21Mon-Fri (25 Hours) Start date: Feb 2021 Hours: 2.30pm to 7.30pm Children: 4 Boys (9, 8 and twins 6 years) Description: Fixed Term - 6 Months We have a lovely relaxed Family who are looking for some after school help for their boys. Pick up after school, drop off at any activities, help with homework. Meal prep is required and family get My Food Bag and you are more than welcome to have dinner with them before helping to get the boys ready for bed and finishing at 7.30pm. They would love the opportunity of date night on a Thursday so there is some extra babysitting opportunity. This role would suit someone who is at Uni looking for some extra work or someone who has their afternoons/evenings free until 7.30pm. Other: - Great role for Junior Nanny or someone with their afternoons free - Clean driver’s license - Working with a very inclusive family Job ID 2156 Read MoreApply Now
1960AucklandAuckland – North ShoreTorbay Part Time Nanny (Fixed Term)$21-24Mon-Fri (25 to 32hrs) Start Date: ASAP Hours: Mon+Tue 8am to 4pm Wed 9am to 3pm Thu+Fri 9am to 1pm Hours may vary slightly each week Children: M4 + F3 Description: Fixed Term Role Mum is searching for a kind, caring and nurturing Nanny to look after their 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Communication is super important as well as having a good fit with the family. The family has had a Dream Nanny previously who loved being with them. The Nannies main focus to be on the children so aside from this you would only be required to do some meal preparation for them. Have you got lots of energy and imagination to get full immersed in caring for these two adorable children? Master 5 is at Kindy Thu and Fri. He has lots of energy and loves imaginative play, especially when it involves animals! He also loves music, especially singing and reading. Miss 2 is inquisitive and loving. Other: - Clean Driver's License and own vehicle - Fixed Term Role - Salary dependent on Experience - Flexible Hours Job ID1960Read MoreApply Now
1931AucklandAuckland – North ShoreBayswaterAfter School Nanny$21-22Mon-Fri (20 Hours) 1st July 2021 Hours: Mon-Fri 2:30pm - 6:30pm Children: 2 Children (7 years old, 11 years old) Description: Sea side energetic family are looking for an Afternoon Nanny to assist with afternoon tea, homework, activities and dinner. 10 year old girl loves Guides, hockey and arts & crafts. 7 year old boy enjoys anything sporty... Rugby, Hockey, Golf and Basketball. General tidy up would be included. Other: -Clean drivers licence required -Cat -Rate dependent on experience Job ID 1931 Read MoreApply Now
1704AucklandAuckland – North ShoreOrewa/Freemans BayFull Time Nanny$25Mon-Fri (35-50 hours Neg) Start Date: ASAP Hours: 7.30am-5.30pm (Neg) Children: G2 Description: Currently in Orewa but moving to Freemans Bay this year. This warm and friendly family are looking for their first-time Nanny to look after their active and engaging toddler . (She is just super sweet!). They are looking for someone who will focus on her development and help her learn, discover and explore. You would need to be qualified with a minimum of 3-5 years childcare experience, kind, caring, nurturing and loves to get involved. Mum will be working from home and in the office from time to time. The reason why the hours are negotiable is because little Miss Grandmother can cover where the Nanny can't cant. The family are happy to accommodate for the right fit! This close-knit family are looking for the perfect match who will be part of the family. They would ideally like the Nanny to speak another language to teach their daughter and this could be German, French or Mandarin but this is not essential . They family are open to other languages as well. - Confident Driver with Clean Driver's License - 3-5 Years’ experience preferred - Qualification Required Job ID 1704 Read MoreApply Now
1492AucklandAuckland – CentralMount Eden Part Time Nanny$23-27Mon+Fri (18 Hrs) Tue+Wed+Thu (9 Hrs) The family is happy for this role can be shared by different nannies. Possibly one nanny Mon and Fri and another Nanny Tue, Wed, Thu. Start Date: ASAP Hours: Mon +Fri 8am to 6pm Tue+Wed+Thu 4pm-7pm Children: B 2 years G 1 week Description: Mum is currently at home but will be returning to work full time Oct 2021. Master 2 is enrolled with a local home based educator 3 days a week (Tue, Wed, Thu) Mum would like to spend time with her 2 year old as well as caring for her new born with the support of an extra pair of hands. The family is flexible regarding hours and happy to fit in for the right Nanny. Some light household help is required as well as some laundry and organising bottles etc. Other: - Clean full driver’s license with own vehicle ID 1492 Read MoreApply Now
1279AucklandAuckland – North ShoreTorbayPart Time Nanny$28+Week 1: Wed-Fri + Sun (32 hrs) Week 2: Wed-Fri (19.5 hrs) The hours can be flexible (more or less each week + babysitting) for the right nanny. Start Date: Week 1 Wed 1:30-6:30pm Thu 7:30-6:30 Fri 7:30-6:30 Sun 1-6pm Week 2 Wed 1:30-6:30pm Thu 7:30-6:30 Fri 7:30-11am Children: 3 Children (5 + 6 + 8) Description: An excellent opportunity for a warm and kind Nanny to join this loving and friendly family. This is a unique role working for a single father. One week you will be required to work 4 days the next week will be 3 days. Your role will involve getting the children ready for school, preparing their meals, assisting with tidy up, picking them up after school and taking them to extra-curricular activities, and light household maintenance whilst they are at school. Are you kind, nurturing and proactive? This role is perfect for you. .Other: - Family will consider a Junior Nanny - Clean full driver's license - Flexibility is Key - Cat and Chickens Read MoreApply Now
1109AucklandAuckland – SouthBombayAfter School Nanny $28+Mon-Fri (20 hours) Start date: ASAP Hours: 2.30pm-6.30pm Children: 2 Children: (B9, G7) Description: Duties would be to collect children from school, run them to after school activities, assist with homework, meal prep and general tidy up. Occasional babysitting would be great. Parents are amicably separated with shared care of the children. Mum and Dad both live near to the kids school. Other: Juniors welcome Drivers licence needed Job ID 1109Read MoreApply Now
514AucklandAuckland – CentralSt HeliersPart Time Nanny$25-26Fri (10 hours) Start Date: 21 May 2021 Hours: 7.30am - 5.30pm Children: 2 children (B2 and G5 years old) Description: Busy medical family are looking for a Nanny to help them out on Fridays. They have a lovely Nanny at the moment from Mon-Thurs, however will need a long term solution for the Friday. A normal day would be to walk G5 to school and then spend the day with B2. There is a lovely DREAM playgroup down the road on a Friday which B2 enjoys attending. He loves to get out, socialising and visiting the local parks. Keeping the home tidy as you go, would be appreciated, however the main focus is definitely making sure the children are happy and healthy. On occasion Mum and Dad may get stuck on duty, so flexibility on pick up is key. Nanny would need to be a self starter, have initiative and be reliable. Other: - Preferred experience level is 5 years+ experience. - Own car and full clean drivers license is required. Job 514Read MoreApply Now