A day in the life of a
KiwiOz Nanny

Meet Hilary! Hilary is an experienced nanny of 7 years. She is placed at her current position through Kiwi Oz Nannies. She has worked a variety of nanny positions across Auckland. She currently works for a wonderful family taking care of two toddler boys in Royal Oak, Auckland as a Nanny Share. Hilary works full-time and her nanny family depends on her reliability, knowledge, passion, and dedication to her job. In addition to her degree, Hilary also has spent considerable time obtaining many other childcare related qualifications and credentials. KiwiOz Nannies visited Hilary and she took us to the park and we got to film the whole thing to show a day in her life, and this is what it looked like…


Hilary: Hi there! I’m Hilary. I’m a Nanny. I’m 26 years old. I look after two little boys, they are both two years old, two weeks apart and so much energy, sooo much energy. Full of life!

Hilary is in a Nanny Share position which means she looks after 2 boys from two different families. She spends two weeks at one of the houses and then the next two weeks at the other house which means that the boys gets to change up their environment a little bit and learn how to share their toys with other.

Kiwi Oz Nannies:

What is the best part about being a KiwiOz Nanny?

Hilary: What’s the best thing about my job? I get paid to play. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Go out and explore with the children, have adventures, have so much fun. I JUST LOVE IT.


Hilary: Working with children you can find that communication can be a really big struggle. Having open communication gives the parents and yourself transparency, you know what to expect, they know what to expect. They can trust you, you can trust them. It’s a working relationship so if you bounce of each other you can found out what the kids are really interested in, what they like, what they don’t like and you can build from there.

Documentation (Educa)

Hilary: Educa is Kiwi Oz Nannies form of documentation, it’s a forum, it’s a posting site for nannies to upload information about the children, what they are learning, what they are developing, for you as a parent, for us as a nanny we want to communicate with you what they like, what they don’t like, what they are doing

Dream Education Programme:

Hilary: Being on the Dream Education Programme I find that families themselves are benefitted,. They are subsidised, the events and the activities we do gets subsidised. It’s an easy alternative to going out. It makes your job finding an activity simpel. The children play, explore, grow, develop, so many. IT'S EXCITING

At Kiwi Oz Nannies we provide Nannies and Families on our Dream Education Programme a Visiting Teacher who will visit on a monthly basis and provide the Nanny with resources and strategies if needed. Hilary is talking about that in the next video:

Hilary: The Visiting Teachers are so amazing. I’ve worked with a couple of different ones. They are all friendly, easy-going, they help you if you need help. They make themselves available and that’s what I like the most, so that if you have any issues they are there. They are there no matter what. You can call them, you can text them, you can say hi to them at any of the events but they are always ready to help.

When I visited Hilary and her two toddler boys they took me to the park, here is a few great moments that I captured on my daily outing with them:

The boys had so much fun at the playground with Hilary and the bond they have is very heartwarming.

We asked Hilary how she finds the job interview process and here is what she said:

I found it easy to get a job. There were a lot of jobs on the website that I could choose from. They were a different variety. They were, you know, so many different roles that I could choose what I wanted. The one that I ended up selecting I applied for. The Kiwi Oz Placement Consultants got in touch with me and we had a conversation and I came in and met them. I had a face to face with one of the ladies in the office.

Networking with other Nannies:

Through Kiwi Oz events and activities, we have the opportunity to network with other people and their children. Kiwi Oz Nannies have so many people involved. There are so many different nannies and by giving you the opportunity to meet up with other people you can create your own friendships, you can get the children to create their own friendships and grow as a social butterfly.

We at Kiwi Oz Nannies wants to thank Hilary and the boys for taking us with them to show us what a day in a Kiwi Oz Nanny’s life is like. It looks pretty amazing!