Temp Zone

If you would like to pick up a temporary placement, email us via . To be eligible for temporary work you must have successfully completed your registration with us.

As we receive a number of last minute requests from our families, you can log your availability with as little as 24-hours’ notice.

Temporary placements range from five hours to 10 weeks.

Some guidelines for your temporary placement:

Contact with the Family
​Your first contact with the Family may be brief but please plan to arrive at least five minutes early.
Engage and interact with the children straight away and make sure the Family explains their children’s routine.

Extra duties
Families appreciate Nannies using their initiative.
Emptying and reloading the dishwasher or folding laundry, if you have time to do so, is a tremendous help for the parents - and will never go unnoticed.

This might also be the first time they are using a professional Nanny so it is the perfect occasion to engage with them through fun new activities.

In case of an emergency, call the parents and Dream straight away. Record any medication that you administer.

Follow up
Your opinion and well-being are important to us so, at the end of your placement, you will get the opportunity to provide feedback. Similarly, we will ask Families for their feedback and will include any positive feedback on your agency profile.

Ongoing Temp roles
As your agency, we work hard to facilitate introductions to Families and to find you ongoing work. If a Family contacts you directly for more work, as part of our terms and conditions you are required to let us know.