Terms & Conditions

These terms represent a legally binding document between Dream Nanny Ltd and you, the child carer/Nanny.

Our relationship (Permanent candidates)

Dream Nanny operates as an introduction and recruitment agency. Our purpose is to help you, the candidate, find suitable employment and we endeavour to do this to the best of our ability. As your agency we are not your employer, your employer is the family you complete the work assignment for. Dream Nanny provides support services including payroll and New Zealand employment law guidance. We will ensure that job descriptions and employment agreements are made available to your Employer and the Employer will provide these directly to you.

Our Dream Education Programme is used by families employing a Nanny for more than 18 hours per week, with children between 0 – 5 years. As part of this programme, your wages can be managed through our payroll and your Employment Agreement will be written by Dream Nanny, adhering to all New Zealand employment law. You will be provided with a clear job description.

As your agency, not your employer, Dream Nanny does not accept any responsibility for accident, injury, illness, loss or damage sustained by you, Dream Nanny clients or any other persons. By registering with Dream Nanny, you are accepting these terms and agreeing to the condition that Dream Nanny is excluded from liability should any incident occur.

Our relationship (Temporary and Babysitting Candidates)

Please refer to the separate Casual Employment Agreement provided to you in your registration interview.

Application and interview conduct

You agree to be readily available at all reasonable times via phone, text and email to communicate with the agency regarding your employment search, and to respond to contact promptly. You understand that you are a representative of Dream Nanny and therefore your conduct, appearance and attendance at interviews is of utmost importance to our reputation.

Dream Nanny will provide the employer with a copy of your CV. Do not take along a CV to interviews and do not pass on contact details to the family. All communication must go through Dream Nanny until confirmation of employment. As a Dream Nanny representative you agree to never make private bookings with a Dream Nanny Client/family or extend a booking tenure with a Dream Nanny Client/family without advising Dream Nanny. Should you accept or extend a work assignment from a Dream Nanny Client/family without notifying the agency, you agree that any subsequent booking fee due to Dream Nanny will be your own liability.

Your responsibility

As a Dream Nanny you are responsible for keeping all your personal details up to date with the agency. At all times, you are responsible for maintaining the high standards of conduct that we are well known for. You are expected to follow these basic rules of conduct along with any other contractual obligations outlined by your employer:

You should be punctual, reliable and be prompt at returning calls and emails. You should be courteous and well presented. You agree to respect your employer’s home and privacy by keeping children’s spaces clean and tidy, and never taking or using the family’s items without permission. You agree that the employers phone and computer/internet should never be used unless for pre-agreed work purposes or in emergency situations.

You agree that children in your care should never be left alone and that it is unacceptable to have friends, family or partners on a work assignment with you. You agree that undertaking a work assignment under the influence of drugs or alcohol is unacceptable and a dismissible offence. You understand that smoking, swearing or using abusive language or physical conduct is not acceptable under any circumstance and may lead to termination of employment.

You agree that incompetence, carelessness, inefficiency or time wasting is not acceptable. Failing without good reason to notify the employer that you are unable to commence work at the agreed time, and/ or continuous late arrival to work are not acceptable.


  1. Agency: Dream Nanny Ltd
  2. Client (Family): A person seeking to find an employee (Nanny) using the services of the Agency (Dream Nanny)
  3. Employee (Nanny): A person seeking employment with a client (Family) using the services of the Agency (Dream Nanny)
  4. Third Parties: Any person not directly engaged in business with the Agency (Other Nannies or other families)
    1. The Employee Agrees

      1. That by registering with Dream Nanny, this constitutes acceptance of these Terms &
      2. You are not permitted to pass on your contact details (phone number, email address etc) to ANY family unless confirmed with the Agency. All communication must come through Dream Nanny/through your Recruitment Consultant until the job/placement has been confirmed by Dream Nanny/your
      3. You must notify the Agency if a family introduced through the Agency contacts you directly for any reason after an interview, a temporary booking or a babysitting booking. They should not have your contact details and should not make further arrangements without the involvement of Dream Nanny
      4. You must notify the Agency if another Client/Family contacts you due to a recommendation from a Client introduced to you by the Agency
    1. Confidentiality

      1. All introductions made by Dream Nanny are confidential.
  1. Registration with other agencies

    1. You are permitted to register with more than one Agency at a time. Please be aware that families also use more than one Agency and so it is important to keep track of which jobs you apply for through which Agency and that you honour and accept the job through the Agency that introduced you. If you see a job on the Dream Nanny site that sounds/looks similar to a job through another agency, you need to contact both agencies to confirm if it is the same and ensure you’ve only applied through one agency.